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SerTecMar Servizi Tecnici Marittimi

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Sertecmar is a new company based in Rosignano Solvay, Livorno that provides technical services to yachts and is also a local authorized dealer of important brands of the sector.
As a new enterprise, Sertecmar needs to establish their brand on the market. They wanted a multilingual website, in Italian and English, that introduced the company and their services to the potential clients.
I created a customized template for WordPress. An online form, gives the possibility to the customers to send enquiries to the business.
In designing the interface I used in prevalence tones of blue, colour that represents the business brand.
I inserted a bit of animation in the homepage with CSS3 animation, there are two stripes advancing in the opposite direction to fill up the page.


Sertecmar home page


Presentation page


Uniservice catalogue