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I Gigli di Mare

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I Gigli di Mare is a well established holiday resort located along the Tuscany coastline. It provides accommodation in bungalows, rooms and in an apartment.
In Winter 2013, the management decided to improve their presence online in order to attract new customers for the coming summer season.
I designed a new website and inserted the resort on the Google’s social network, Google Plus, as agreed with the property.
I created a customized theme for WordPress based on the HTML template designed previously.
Through the new website, prospect holidaymakers can send availability requests easily.
Also, new and regular customers can subscribe to the newsletter to receive special offer and news directly in their mailbox.
Moreover, information about the area around, weather and link to a webcam installed in a nearby beach.


I Gigli di Mare home page


Bungalows page


Dove Siamo page