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CO.MO.IND. Costruzioni Montaggi Industriali is an industrial company with offices and workshop based in Rosignano Solvay, Livorno.
The industry produces components for mechanical applications, semi automatic machines and it commits in industrial carpentries as well.
In order to expand their business and to establish a digital presence, they decided to build a website.
The digital presence is also supported by social networks, like as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, launched online as the same time as the new website.
The website is designed with responsive technology, so it is completely accessible by smartphones and tablets.
In the pages are presented some important works carried out by the industry. Whereas, in the section news, the company keeps informed stakeholders and clients with latest important updates about their business.

Website Comoind home page

Website Comoind page azienda


Website Comoind page contact


Comoind website pages responsive in mobile view

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I Gigli di Mare is a well established holiday resort located along the Tuscany coastline. It provides accommodation in bungalows, rooms and in an apartment.
In Winter 2013, the management decided to improve their presence online in order to attract new customers for the coming summer season.
I designed a new website and inserted the resort on the Google’s social network, Google Plus, as agreed with the property.
I created a customized theme for WordPress based on the HTML template designed previously.
Through the new website, prospect holidaymakers can send availability requests easily.
Also, new and regular customers can subscribe to the newsletter to receive special offer and news directly in their mailbox.
Moreover, information about the area around, weather and link to a webcam installed in a nearby beach.


I Gigli di Mare home page


Bungalows page


Dove Siamo page

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Sertecmar is a new company based in Rosignano Solvay, Livorno that provides technical services to yachts and is also a local authorized dealer of important brands of the sector.
As a new enterprise, Sertecmar needs to establish their brand on the market. They wanted a multilingual website, in Italian and English, that introduced the company and their services to the potential clients.
I created a customized template for WordPress. An online form, gives the possibility to the customers to send enquiries to the business.
In designing the interface I used in prevalence tones of blue, colour that represents the business brand.
I inserted a bit of animation in the homepage with CSS3 animation, there are two stripes advancing in the opposite direction to fill up the page.


Sertecmar home page


Presentation page


Uniservice catalogue

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L’Orsacchiotto is a nursery school located nearby to Genova, in Northen Italy.
The school is managed by Cooperativa Sociale Moby Dick, who assigned me the creation of the new website replacing the previous one.
They wanted a website that shows the activity in place at school, gives information about the location and for admission of new children.
I created a customized theme for WordPress. The client has also the possibility to update the information on their website on their own and to add news.
The integration with Facebook completed the project.

This website project and the relative Facebook page are not online anymore.


L Orsacchiotto home page


La giornata tipo page


Laboratori settimanali page

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Spiagge Bianche, literally in English “White Beach” is a public famous shore located in Rosignano Solvay, Livorno.
Simone had a brilliant idea. Installed a webcam and a weather station on his property next to the beach.
His aim was to give the possibility to everybody to watch the “Spiagge Bianche” for their home at any time, even during the winter season.
He contacted me, asking to develop the project creating a website matching his initial idea.
I designed the website, logo and managed the Facebook page for building the audience.
The website delivered, shows pictures captured by the webcam, updated automatically every 60 seconds. Also, it’s integrated with the weather station and displays temperature, wind speed and other meteo data in real time.


Spiagge Bianche Rosignano home page


Webcam page


Gallery page

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La Dolce Italia is an Italian delicatessen shop located in Dun Laoghaire Co.Dublin, Ireland, opened in 2012.
I designed for Lorenzo and Nicole, the owner of La Dolce Italia the website.
As requested it’s simple, easy to navigate, in English and Italian. Created in static HTML and integrated with JavaScript and jQuery.
The website shows some of the items on sale in the retail section, whereas the menu category lists all deli products served in the deli area.
Also it’s integrated with major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
On the homepage customers can review La Dolce Italia filling in a widget, then the feedback provided will be visible on the Tripadvisor website.


La Dolce Italia home page


Location page


Photo Gallery page

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Vino Sincero is a wine shop located in the Tuscany city of Pisa.
Francesco, the owner asked me to create a simple website to give an online presence to his new shop.
The website is designed in static HTML, integrated with JavaScript and jQuery. It’s well positioned on Google for wine shops in Pisa.
Customers can leave a feedback about their experience in the shop through a Facebook plugin form integrated in the “Commenti” page.
The “Prodotti” section shows all products commercialized. “Vino sfuso” page also give detailed information about the array of bulk wines currently on sale in the retail.


Vino Sincero home page


Chi Siamo page


Vino sfuso page

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This website was initially created for a personal project at IBAT College.
It’s received many appreciation for its informative content. In fact, Expat to Dublin is a guide for expatriate that are willing to move to Dublin, Ireland.
It gives tips and advice how to settle in the new town, where to find an accommodation, in which websites look for a job and many other interesting information.
I decided to keep alive it, and continue to develop. I transferred to WordPress for a better management of its content, I created a customized theme.
I gave to Expat to Dublin also a presence on social networks, creating a page on Facebook.


Home page of Expat to Dublin


View of the page Contact us


View of the Dublin Postal Code page